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Consumer Favorite for over 10 years with Satisfaction GUARANTEED

Calibration Technician at the Quest, Iowa USA facility

AlcoHAWK breathalyzers pioneered the consumer market for breath alcohol testers, first releasing units in 1999. AlcoHAWK breathalyzers combine cutting-edge technology, simple-to-use formats and a price point for any budget. AlcoHAWK units have been sold in CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond, Brookstone, Walgreens, Sam’s Club and others as well as all major ecomm retailers. AlcoHAWK is also trusted and used by police, substance abuse centers, hospitals, clinics, and schools throughout the world. With hundreds of thousands of units in distribution the AlcoHAWK name is not only the consumer favorite but it is the brand to trust!

DOT Cleared

All AlcoHAWK breathalyzer units are DOT (Department of Transportation) tested and cleared as breath alcohol screening devices and have received U.S. FDA 510(k) pre-market clearance. AlcoHAWK only manufactures units that are able to clear DOT testing guidelines so all units will utilize a mouthpiece to capture the deep lung breath sample –  novelty grade or models that you simply “huff” at will not meet DOT or AlcoHAWK testing and performance standards. That’s why you won’t see any novelty grade models or models with no mouthpiece on this site.

USA Calibration and Diagnostic Review

Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians located at the Quest Iowa facility perform all final assembly and verification of all products before shipping to customers. AlcoHAWK units are professionally calibrated using DOT certified equipment and solutions to help ensure the highest accuracy. Quest continuously strives to bring customers the best in personal safety products, quality control, and customer service. No other consumer breathalyzer brand offers the quality and support of AlcoHAWK.

Our Quality Guarantee

All AlcoHAWK units have a 1 year limited warranty against defects. We stand by our products and will replace or refund the customer to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Who Buys AlcoHAWK?

Parents and Family Members

Calibration Technician at the Quest, Iowa USA facility

Moms and Dads you’re not alone. We speak with countless parents and family members who are struggling with alcohol-related issues. It’s a difficult situation which is why we’ve added an entire section on our website for resources specifically designed for you. AlcoHAWK breathalyzers provide parents and family members an affordable, reliable and highly accurate method of testing blood alcohol concentration levels (BAC), with extended readings to measure for small amounts of alcohol consumption. Plus, if you ever have any questions you can always call our support line at 888-399-1687.

Party Hosts and Individuals

Everyone’s heard ‘Arrive Alive’ or ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ but wait…why guess? One of the #1 reasons people get DUIs is that they just didn’t know what their blood alcohol level was … oh, had only they known, maybe they would have made a different choice. Folks, there is no safe level of alcohol so blow before you go and ensure that your AlcoHAWK breathalyzer is reading all zeros (as in 0.000 % BAC). AlcoHAWK won’t get you out of a DUI but it will give you valuable information to make responsible choices when it comes to consuming alcohol. Be Bold. Be Smart. Be Responsible. Trust AlcoHAWK for your BAC testing.


Police, hospitals, substance abuse centers, schools, and clinics. We work with hundreds of organizations who depend on AlcoHAWK Breathalyzers to provide reliable and accurate information. 

Zero-Tolerance Testers

Businesses and schools rely on AlcoHAWK to ensure that their staff and students are free of alcohol. AlcoHAWK units are ideal for zero-tolerance testing scenarios and the mere presence of an AlcoHAWK breathalyzer can help deter drinking.

Quest Cares

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The world is constantly changing and every day we are confronted with countless new choices and decisions. At Quest, owner of the AlcoHAWK brand, our main goal is to ensure that we make one of your decisions easy.

When you need to know your BAC, choose and trust AlcoHAWK Breathalyzers.

You work hard for your money and in today’s economy the dollars are being stretched farther than ever before. You need your dollars to work just as hard as you do, right?

Weigh us out against the competition and we will guarantee that we will provide you with better quality, better selection, better support, better turnaround and better service before, during and after your purchase. When you need us we’ll be there…every time.

Quest is a company you can trust  and we put our values into practice. So, we’re laying our cards on the table and these are our benchmarks.

Leadership: As a company and as individuals we will provide good examples to shape the future.

Teamwork: We’re in this together – let’s combine our strengths to reach the highest potential.

Reliable:  We do our best each and every day. There is no ‘right’ way to do the ‘wrong’ thing.

Accountable:  Each person is responsible for their action or inaction.

Commitment: 100% committed to each task and we promote optimism, passion and energy.

Diversity: We’re all good at something- value the diversity and listen to each other to open paths to great things.

Quality:  Do it right the first time, every time. We are in charge of the quality we put out!