Since 2001, AK GlobalTech™ has been a leading provider of breathalyzers and breath alcohol testers throughout the United States. We believe that our AlcoMate series of portable breathalyzers are the best devices on the market. Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality breathalyser services and supplies to all of our customers. We have breathalizers for a variety of purposes, whether they be portable or coin-operated, or even industrial, fuel-cell powered units. We are certain that there is an AlcoMate Breathalyzer designed just for you. Our flagship breathalyzer is the AlcoMate® Premium featuring patented pre-calibrated replaceable sensor modules and DOT Approval (for law enforcement accuracy) in a compact, convenient, professional device.


The AlcoMate® Advantage

Patented Pre-Calibrated Replaceable Sensor Module Technology


AK GlobalTech Corporation is the producer, registered trademark owner, patent holder and DOT CPL registrant of AlcoMate® and AlcoScan® breathalyzers.